Standigm provides services that reduce the time and cost of drug discovery.
We reveal the patterns hiding in your data that will lead to tomorrow’s medicines.


Drugs can take a decade of research and over a billion dollars’ worth of development before they reach the market. Resources are wasted in the pre-discovery phase through a trial and error process that yields more error than success.

You know that there are hidden insights in your data, waiting to be discovered and to lead you to promising drug candidates.

Unfortunately, these patterns are too complex and diffuse to be detected by the human mind; you need a more powerful solution that leverages the latest artificial intelligence technologies.


Standigm removes the guesswork from your data analysis by using an intelligent bot, a bot that automatically examines your database to learn what is hiding just out of sight.

By applying our state-of-the-art machine learning technology to real data, we eliminate some of the uncertainty in the drug discovery process and help optimize your time; instead of fishing in the dark for effective treatments, you can focus on developing candidates that are primed for success.

Whether you are hung up on drug combination, drug repositioning, or patient stratification, Standigm can help cut through the noise and present the data that is most pertinent to the diseases you are targeting. Save your time and money by shortening the development cycle with Standigm.

Standigm recognizes that your data isn’t clean and it isn’t simple; we take your databases, established biological models, published texts, and other sources and ingest them on your behalf into a comprehensive corpus of information. We then do the heavy lifting of parsing the dataset to make it actionable.
Once we have dataset organized, we run it through our artificial intelligence system. Our bot automatically analyzes the innumerable ways the data can be combined and configured to create weight-optimized, deep learning models based on rules hidden in your data. Not only does our bot generate models, but it also provides an explanation of how there models were generated, offering additional insight.
From these bot models, we then provide biological interpretations of how the implicated drug compounds would interact with people in the real world. Before you even decide which drugs to assemble and test, Standigm will have already provided a set of statistically accurate simulations, getting you to viable solutions more efficiently.

At Standigm, we’ve assembled a group of artificial intelligence, systems engineering, and systems biology experts to address one of the world’s most complex problems: the discovery of medicines.

With over 20 years of professional experience, our team is ready to accelerate your research.

Jinhan Kim
CEO, Co-founder
Previous: Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, NCSOFT
Education: PhD in Artificial Intelligence, The University of Edinburgh
Sang Ok Song
COO, Co-founder
Previous: Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, UPMC, Cornell University
Education: PhD in Process Systems Engineering, Seoul National University
So Jeong Yun
CIO, Co-founder
Previous: Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Education: PhD in Systems Biology, POSTECH
Gaya Nadarajan
Senior Scientist
Previous: Seoul National University, The University of Edinburgh, Altion Software
Education: PhD in Artificial Intelligence, The University of Edinburgh
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